Private Tutor for the California Bar Exam

CA Bar Exam: All Sections

The California Bar Exam consists of three distinct parts: the Essays portion, the Multistate (MBE) portion, and the Performance Test portion. Each portion is designed to test specific skills so that, taken as a whole, the Bar Exam purports to gauge examinees' proficiency in qualifying them as licensed attorneys.

I provide individual tutoring for all sections of the California Bar Exam. I also provide tutorial services that focus on each specific section of the Bar Exam. For each section, I employ unique and effective methodologies aimed at maximizing your score potential, such as multiple-choice approaches to the MBE or information-gathering techniques for the Performance Test.

Students wishing to sign up for Bar Exam tutorial services can choose from a number of options:

  • Full Bar Prep package: $4,500 for the 8- to 10-week prep program
    • Students receive a total of 12 hours of individual tutoring, divided into weekly sessions depending on your specific needs.
    • Plus, students also receive up to 60 practice exams with full review and critique for the duration of the 8- to 10-week prep period. (This includes Essays exams as well as Performance Test exams.)
  • Hourly Sessions at $200 per hour.
    •  We will discuss your needs prior to each schedule Session to determine the most efficient and effective approach for your Session.
    • Full reviews and critiques of answers are available at $45 per exam answer submitted for both the Essays and the Performance Test portions.
    • Please note that hourly sessions are applicable toward the writing portions of the California Bar Exam only.
  •  Essays Review Package: $400 for 10 essays
    • Students receive assistance with selection of 10 past Bar Exams that they will write as practice exams. Submissions will be reviewed and returned with full critiques to help students recognize areas of strengths and weaknesses so that they can focus their studies accordingly.
    • Please note that all 10 essays must be utilized during the same bar prep period. Any "unused" portion of the package will not carry to subsequent bar prep periods.
  • MBE Tutorial: $1,250 for a 6-hour MBE Intensive Prep Program
    • Utilizing past MBE questions, this Prep focuses on key aspects of of the Multistate Bar Exam, taking into account time constraints and employing unique techniques such as answer-elimination and issue-identification to help students effectively deal with multiple-choice questions.
    • The 6 hours are divided into 6 one-hour meetings, usually on a weekly basis.
    • Please note at all 6 hours of the MBE Tutorial Package must be utilized during the same bar prep period. Any "unused" hour will not carry to subsequent bar prep periods.
  •  Performance Test Tutorial: $650 for a 3-hour Performance Test Focus Program
    •  Utilizing past Performance Test questions and applying a unique, proprietary method, I will coach you through techniques and approaches to the various Performance Tests that will simplifying this portion of the Bar Exam, and aim at maximizing your score potential.
    • The 3 hours can be apportioned into Session Segments according to your needs.
    • Plus, students have the opportunity to submit up to 3 answers to past Perrformance Tests as practice, and have their answers fully reviewed and critiqued.
    • Please note that all 3 hours of the Performance Test Tutorial must be utilized during the same bar prep period. The 3 practice exams must also be written and submitted during the same bar prep period. Any "unused" portion of the package will not carry to subsequent bar prep periods.