Private Tutor for the California Bar Exam


"With Dennis' help, I passed! He did a phenomenal job tailoring his prep to my schedule. I was working a full-time job in a non-legal field. I had been out of law school and away from law in general for several years. His essay preparation gave me all the tools I needed to efficiently study. This granted me precious time to hammer away at my MBE drills."

- Daniel Yang



"Some background about me: although I graduated from a top 10 law school, I’ve always been awful at standardized tests. I almost always have anxiety on test day and severe anxiety afterwards (“did I do enough?” “Did I study the right way?”). My firm signed me up for Barbri to prepare for the July 2017 CA Bar Exam- I failed that exam. I was also an anxious mess the weeks leading up to results, because I doubted my preparation with Barbri. The second time around, I knew I had to do something different because Barbri just didn’t work for me. I talked to about 5 different CA Bar Exam tutors (most past bar graders in the Bay Area) and ultimately decided to go with Dennis. I felt he understood my situation and allowed me to tailor his services for my needs. The other past bar graders more or less have a set program that is robust and very rigid, something I didn’t feel like I needed, and they were not open to tailoring it for me. 

Dennis and I scheduled weekly meetings to target improving my scores on the essay portion of the February 2018 CA Bar Exam. We focused on one essay subject each week and also spot targeted my weakest MBE subjects. I also submitted essays for Dennis to score and critique, which I also found incredibly helpful. With Dennis’ help, I understood how to properly write an essay to maximize points and organize it so that the graders can award me points more easily. He was supportive and took the time to understand what I needed and helped me focus on my weak areas. I also was not an anxious mess the weeks leading up to results because I was confident that I studied the right way with Dennis’ guidance. This was important for my mental health. I was so excited to tell Dennis that I passed the February 2018 CA Bar Exam after my second try, even though the pass rate for this exam was 27.3%, the lowest in history. Yes, I studied hard for this exam on my own, but with Dennis’ guidance, I was studying hard the right way, and for that I will always be grateful to him!"

-Grace Ly


"Hi, Dennis.  If you haven't discovered already, I FINALLY PASSED THE BAR EXAM!!!  I can't begin to thank you enough.  I've taken this test many times with many tutors and you connected with me in a way no other tutor has.  You were extremely perceptive and wise in guiding me through the many obstacles I faced (most of those obstacles, by the way, were created by yours truly, which you so adroitly pointed out to me).  I am certain I would not have passed without your help.  Thank you so very much, Dennis.  In short, YOU DA MAN!!!"

- Steve Rutkowski 


"Dennis was the best. He was able to show me techniques that immediately improved my essay and performance exam writing.  His holistic approach to preparing and taking the exam made me feel extremely confident and at ease on test day - something that is hard to teach but invaluable when taking the Bar. I've recommended Dennis to many of my colleagues who, like me, credit passing the California Bar because of Dennis."

- Andres Orphanopoulos


"I had trouble with passing the California bar exam even though I was using several of the most popular study programs out there. Dennis worked with me on improving my essay writing by showing me the way to approach a question. Don’t go through this alone. Dennis has the best methods to writing a passing answer."

- Ron Cabanayan


"After scoring in the bottom 5% of my class in the first semester, I reached out to Dennis for tutoring and learning how to take law school exams.  We worked on issue spotting and how to effectively argue both sides of the questions.  My grades improved dramatically and he was a constant, encouraging support system throughout my legal education.  After graduation, I also asked him to review my essays while in a bar review course to get extra feedback.  I passed the bar and have Dennis to thank for my law school success."

- Ann Marie Jelacich


“I highly recommend Dennis Higa as a California Bar tutor. His expertise is unparalleled. I am convinced it was because of his strategic approach, patience, and proficiency that I was able to pass the California Bar. He taught me how to get out of my own way and simplify the questions. Whether your problem areas are with the MBE, essay, or performance test, he is able to assist with all areas.”

- Laura Curtis, Esq.


“Dennis was an outstanding, invaluable resource in my bar studies. He brings a level of expertise, clarity, and calmness that I firmly believe gives an applicant the passing advantage. I had heard numerous compliments about Dennis prior to working with him, and they all proved to be true. I’m extremely glad that I worked with him. “

- Kevin Moraine, UC Hastings


“After initially taking and failing the bar in 2012, I realized I needed something different than BarBri, Kaplan, or any of the other bar prep companies could provide. I needed someone who would sit down with me, review my method of preparation and practice, and walk me through how to improve upon my methods. Dennis Higa provided that and more. 

Dennis provides what the larger bar prep companies cannot, an experienced set of ears and eyes dedicated to making YOU a better BAR test taker. Dennis will listen and watch you work through multiple choice questions or essays, and spend the time to help you understand where you are going wrong and how to fix it. BarBri provides you with all the materials you need to succeed, but without the individualized attention you need to better understand your own flaws. Dennis shows you your flaws, but doesn't make you feel stupid for having them. He then works with you to create a method to work on whatever issues you may have. 

In my two experiences taking the BAR exam, I learned one important thing about the test. Passing the test has nothing to do with being smart, and everything to do with being prepared. Dennis will prepare you to take the test to the best of your abilities, and will never make you feel dumb for not understanding something. I highly recommend hiring Dennis to assist you in your preparation for the BAR exam, and listening to everything he says. He not only gave me the tools I needed to prepare and pass the California BAR exam, but also the confidence in my own abilities to walk into the test with the belief that I could pass it, despite having failed it once before. Dennis Higa is a great teacher, and anyone taking the BAR would benefit greatly from using his services to prepare.”

- Matthew Olsman