Private Tutor for the California Bar Exam


The Essays portion of the California Bar Exam primarily tests examinees' ability to analyze facts and apply relevant laws, proving their skills at legal analysis proficient enough to qualify them as attorneys. Strong writing skills are a plus - clarity in writing is a must. And, because analysis of facts lies at the heart of the Essays exams, readiing comprehension proves crucial. Failure to accurately read and apply the facts often acts as the obstacle to success for many students. 

My Essays Sessions concentrate on helping students develop clarity and depth of legal analysis by application: practice makes perfect. We will utilize actual past Bar Exams to hone the needed skills: reading comprehension, application of relevant laws, and analysis of law and facts. For students whose exam weaknesses trend toward particular areas of law, we will concentrate on those specific subjects by utilizing actual past Bar Exams within those subjects, as well as delving into issue-specific areas within those subjects if necessary.

Students wishing to sign up for Essays Sessions can choose from a number of options:

  • Full Bar Prep Package: $4,500 for the 8- to 10-week prep program
    • Students receive a total of 12 hours of individual tutoring, divided into weekly sessions depending on your specific needs.
    • Plus, students also receive up to 60 practice exams with full review and critique for the duration of the 8- to 10-week prep period.
  • Essays Review Package: $400 for 10 essays
    • Students receive assistance with selection of 10 past Bar Exams that they will write as practice exams. Submissions will be reviewed and returned with full critiques to help students recognize areas of strengths and weaknesses so that they can focus their studies accordingly.
    • Please note that all 10 essays must be utilized during the same bar prep period. Any "unused" portion of the package will not carry to subsequent bar prep periods.
  • Hourly Sessions are also available at $200 per hour.
    •  We will discuss your needs prior to each schedule Session to determine the most efficient and effective approach for your Session.
    • Full reviews and critiques of answers are available at $45 per exam answer submitted.