Private Tutor for the California Bar Exam

Multistate Bar Exam: MBE-FOCUSED

Like most multiple-choice exams, the MBE requires examinees to assess different answer choices and arrive at the right one, or rather, the most correct answer. Whether you do so by process of elimination - getting rid of the obviously wrong answers first - or by focusing on the key factor that makes one answer choice better than the others, that's a matter of approaching each question with the right method, and it makes all the difference.

Unlike most multiple-choice exams, the MBE demands a high level of analysis under stringent time constraint: you must assess, apply, analyzle, and conclude in roughly 100 seconds per question, whether or not that question involves a highly convoluted set of facts. How to successfully and effectively do this, question after question - that is the entire emphasis of my tutorials for the MBE.

Students wishing to sign up for MBE
Sessons can choose from various options:

  • MBE Tutorial: $1,250 for a 6-hour MBE Intensive Prep Program
    • Utilizing past MBE questions, this Prep focuses on key aspects of of the Multistate Bar Exam, taking into account time constraints and employing unique techniques such as answer-elimination and issue-identification to help students effectively deal with multiple-choice questions.
    • The 6 hours are divided into 6 one-hour meetings, usually on a weekly basis.
    • Please note at all 6 hours of the MBE Tutorial Package must be utilized during the same bar prep period. Any "unused" hour will not carry to subsequent bar prep periods.