Private Tutor for the California Bar Exam


Everyone learns differently - what works for others may not work for you. So while many tutors may have unique approaches to the California Bar Exam, they may not take into account how you learn, thus rendering their techniques ineffective for many students.

I provide individualized tutoring for all aspects of the California Bar Exam: one-on-one tutoring is the most effective means of ensuring that a particular exam-taking method or approach is right for this individual student. Because there are many techniques and certainly more than one approach to taking (and passing) the California Bar Exam, the important question is whether your tutor can help you apply those techniques and make it work for you.

This is why all my sessions are one-on-one, and all tutorials are highly customized for your learning needs, from hourly sessions to packages and section-specific programs, such as tailored tutoring on the MBE portion (Multistate Bar Exam), the Performance Test portion, or writing-focused sessions to help you excel on the Essays portion of the California Bar Exam. (Please see
Bar Exam Tutorials for details.)

This is what I've done for over twenty years. My students have included bar takers of all backgrounds, from recent law school graduates to out-of-state attorneys, first-time and repeat takers, foreign nationals, and accommodated examinees. While my primary focus lies in providing individualized tutoring for the California Bar Exam, I also work with law students seeking success in preparing for their course exams. (Please see Additional Tutorial Services for details.)